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Printing Tips and Specifications.

There are many artwork tips and file preparations specifications Manhattan Repro can provide, many are very specific to the project, so we recommend you call if you are unsure or need further direction.

We print with a variety of methods, each with some particular needs in art preparation:
-- 1-color and 2-color PMS Match printing - where specific inks are mixed to industry standard recipes.
-- Full color or Four-color Process Printing, which uses CMYK (Cyan/Magenta/Yellow/BlacK) inks as standards in varying densities to create a multitude of colors. This method is used wherever the project contains photographic images. Four color Process printing can be produced using offset lithography or digital printing, depending mostly on how many you need and your turnaround requirements.

Please do not submit files prepared in RGB color - this method is for viewing on-screen only and can generate unexpected results, especially in what appear to be very bright colors.

We prefer files prepared as PDFs. We will accept Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, InDesign, Quark Xpress, and only if need be, Micorsoft Word/Office files. We do not accept Microsoft Publisher files.

A note about Bleeds: If your artwork is designed to go all the way off the edges of the finished product, files need to be prepared slightly oversized with the background colors or images extending 1/8" past where the final product will be cut. This is to ensure that there is no white (paper color) appearing at the edges as final trimming is done in stacks Due to slight sheet-to-sheet movement of the imagery that is inherent in all printing presses, we need the extra color to allow for this.